Remakes & Replacements

Cassandra Fenyk

Where there's a proven problem, the remedy is always to replace the item for the customer if possible. Only if a replacement is not possible will we be able to refund you for the order. If the the item arrived broken or there's concern of a defect, we will require photos of the item showing the problem. Using these, you can see what's going on and decide how best to proceed. Any items that have been worn are not covered by the replacement policy, and the customer should purchase a replacement accessory.  

Returns & Refunds

Cassandra Fenyk

 All items on this site is made to order for every customer - and as such, we cannot accept general returns for items. This includes: Change of mind Items ordered in error (including wrong quantity, design, or variant selected) Exchanges for alternative design, product or size Not as expected items Unwanted items If there's a verifiable defect or quality concern, please check the Remakes & Replacements section for further information on the policy and process.  In the rare situation where an order for these items arrives defective, we'll arrange for a replacement to be made and shipped to you. If a replacement...

Delivery & Tracking

Cassandra Fenyk

It can be a very concerning and stressful thing for a customer to see a "Delivered" status on the tracking page, but not have their item in hand. Fortunately, there's quite a few things you can advise to assist them in this situation. Check the tracking page Firstly, check the tracking page and see what the status is. Look through the history of the tracking, and check if the item was ever marked as "returned to sender". If it was, the delivered status may be referring to the item having been returned back to us. Contact our support team if...