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Cassandra Fenyk

It can be a very concerning and stressful thing for a customer to see a "Delivered" status on the tracking page, but not have their item in hand. Fortunately, there's quite a few things you can advise to assist them in this situation.

Check the tracking page

Firstly, check the tracking page and see what the status is. Look through the history of the tracking, and check if the item was ever marked as "returned to sender". If it was, the delivered status may be referring to the item having been returned back to us. Contact our support team if you think this is the case.

If the "Delivered" status appeared less than 3 mailing days from today, allow more time for the item to arrive. Some carriers mark items as delivered ahead of delivery due to admin errors, but the item will usually arrive within 1-3 days after.

Extra checks for non-US Deliveries

Items for international can take a while to pass through customs, so they may not move for up to 10 days in extreme cases. The tracking updates may also stop once the item reaches a certain point, usually once it's on the way to the destination country. Local mail providers aren't always able to feed updates into the DHL system.

You can also lookup the customer's local mail provider - usually whichever company delivers their regular mail to their address. You can provide the customer the local tracking reference for the item - shown on the DHL page on the right:

Advice to My Customers

If it looks as though the Delivered status is for the customer's address, here's what you can do:

  • Confirm to the address the item was shipped to. Sometimes our shipping system will make minor corrections of errors in mailing addresses and place the ZIP+4 into the address where possible.
  • Check inside the mailbox carefully, including safe places around it where it may have been placed if the mailbox couldn't hold the package.
  • Look inside porches and other areas around the front of the property.
  • Check with neighbors in case the item was left with them or in their mailbox. 
  • Check with other people who live with you, in case they collected the item and placed it somewhere.
  • Finally, if you live in an apartment or other managed accommodation, check with the management office or reception in case they have the item.
  • Check with their local post office too, who may be holding the item. Sometimes the mail carrier will inadvertently mark the item as delivered while it is awaiting collection from a post office.

If you are still unable to locate the item, please reach out to my team

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